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Patient Testimonials



I have gone through numerous dentists and I have to say that Dr. Lin is the most dedicated, caring and skillful that I have ever met.

Recently, I have a tooth previously crowned by another dentist, however, after I was seen by my first dentist, I still felt a lot of pain while eating or biting. Dr. Lin adjusted the crown's position and the pain was gone immediately. Dr. Lin told me that it was just a follow up that needed to be done, and Dr. Lin performed this follow up procedure (for which it was supposed to be completed by my previous dentist) without charging me any fee! I was very grateful for her kindness. Dr. Lin also gave me a brief lesson on how the crown was supposed to be done and afterwards I realized that how badly my crown was positioned by my previous dentist. I truly appreciated for Dr. Lin’s willingness to share her experiences and knowledge with me so I can have a better grasp about my dental work.

Every time when I go to see a dentist I’d become extremely nervous, but Dr. Lin always tells me her next step so I will know what is going to happen and there would no surprise. During the teeth filling procedure, Dr. Lin always attended to my need and constantly asking me whether or not I am comfortable enough for her to carry on with her work. Her gentle words and explanations can really calm my nerves down.

One thing that impressed me the most was that as I was leaving from Dr. Lin's dental office one day, a mother with two daughters came into Dr. Lin's office and asked: "We don't have any appointment and we have been here a couple of years ago and my two daughters wanted to come back here again for teeth check up, but I have forgotten the phone number and the business name of this place, so that's why we decided to stop by here now.." I thought, wow!! Dr. Lin had won the approval from two little girls and they wanted to come back here again just to see Dr. Lin!

I highly recommend Dr. Lin to all of my friends, coworkers and family members any time and without hesitation!
C. Wong
Customs Border Protection Officer
Monrovia, CA